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Nuclear Holy Grail

Our last nuclear topic: Fusion How it works: Nuclear plants use fission to produce energy. Basically, fission is splitting apart atoms. You break a bit of matter, which gets converted into energy through Einstein’s e = mc2 and presto! you have a bunch of energy. Fusion, however, is when you combine atoms. You still get […]

Nuclear Energy Recycling

Coming soon to power plants near you. As long as your definition of soon extends a few decades or centuries. Yesterday I talked about how today’s version of nuclear energy is a sorry replacement for coal. It’s the devil you don’t know. But nuclear energy is not fully understood yet. There are other forms of […]

Why Nuclear Energy = Coal

If I asked you to name alternate energy sources, you’d probably name nuclear energy (along with wind, sun, and water). Many countries are heavily investing in nuclear energy as an alternate energy source. It seems great–you can make tons and tons of energy from just a few molecules. But there are a few problems. Nuclear […]